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Keeping Tabs on Tabby

Our company cat Tabby

Soon after we opened at our present location, we started the remodel at the Boone County Animal Shelter. While checking on the job, Randy decided to look in on the cats that were available for adoption. He noticed a small tabby "talking" and walking back and forth in her crate. Randy asked if he could hold the cat and was told that he only had a few days left, then they would be forced to take his life.

Randy told them that wasn't going to happen because as of now, this cat had a home. He brought him to the office and the rest is history.

Tabby loves to greet everyone who comes into the office and is always friendly and curious about everything that happens in his world. His very favorite thing is an empty cardboard box! As you can see from the photo, he is a very handsome guy. Tabby attends every company function.

Here at Wright Contracting, we feel lucky that Randy made a visit to the Boone County Shelter job that day!

We encourage you to visit your local Animal Shelter. When you adopt a pet, you not only save a life, but also discover what a joy a pet can bring to your home.

We have added links to a few local shelters for your convenience. Just click the icon!

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